The side-effects could be tiring….

There are side-effects to this dating/sex thing which was not entirely expected by me (although, if I had really thought about it, it would have been obvious).

One thing is that the house must be clean for I don’t know who may be coming round at short notice.  I can make the excuse that the house is a mess once or, maybe, twice – but not always.

So, as a result, I now have cleaners coming in tomorrow to fix the place up.  And then they’re (hopefully) going to come in twice a week to keep it that way.  It should be every day but there’s no way I can afford that.  It’s the dogs, you see.  To keep it really clean, the hoover should come out and the floors then mopped, as I did when I was off when we first had Dino.

So that’s one thing.  The other being that I really need to get my act into gear and get some storage .  I cannot have ‘people’ here with the place looking as if I moved in yesterday.  For me, of course, it’s OK but from an outside eye it’s not!

Anyway, next weekend, I’ve agreed with my mate S, we’ll go and get the table (so, at least I can do dinners) and, maybe, we can call in at an IKEA on the way to look at a wardrobe and some other cupboards.  Then I shall speak to my other mate, A, about using his workmen to get it all fixed up and, maybe a bit of painting and so on.

So, suddenly this thing that I thought was all about how I look (as that’s what attracts people first, whatever anyone may say) and then what my character is like (if we get to the point of a meeting) is now about my whole bloody life and everything about the way I live!


In the meantime, I’m getting quite addicted to the online thing.  Real life stuff starts again tomorrow and really gets going next week, probably.

I need more sleep, for certain.

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6 thoughts on “The side-effects could be tiring….

  1. One objection … don’t keep your place too much cleaner than you would really like it to be. I’ve found myself scrubbing my personality so squeaky clean that whoever I dated had no real clue who I really was. I’ve ditched that, If you don’t like me or my place, don’t look.

    I like some periodic order, however, so I have a cleaning lady come every two weeks … and, yes, vacuum.

  2. Yes, I agree in principle. And I’m British, so we aren’t that bothered unless it is a real pig-sty. However, one thing I’ve found about Italians (and unsurprisingly there are a lot of them about here) is this unhealthy obsession with cleanliness. Added to which I have the dogs and, it seems, within seconds the place is full of dust and dirt!

    So the cleaner came and, although not everything is perfect it is, at least, clean! (Not, probably, by Italian standards but there’s only so far I can go with this…..)

  3. I have to say you are spot on about the British being not that fussed about tidyness. When I go to Gran Canaria, I always find that they tidy all my stuff into nice organised little piles. And when I went to Berlin, the maid was horrified when I told her she didn’t need to make the bed. Turns out she actually came back whilst I was out and made the bed for me that same day.

  4. Hi ANdy-

    Ya, if you take it beyond dinner out and have a date to your place there are certain aspect requiring attention – I love that you have housekeepers now! And it is SO true that you learn so much about a person by how they ‘live’ – style and cleanliness and flare – it is all so telling. :-)

    You are in this big time!!

    Love to you

  5. Hi Gail,

    It’s just that Italians seem to live in some sort of show home! Nothing out of place, everything so clean.

    Well, I have two dogs and not enough storage space right now – so mine is NOT a show home.

    But, it will have to do. Cleaner was good – and irons very, very well too!

    Love back.

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