Christmas Things – update.

So, on a lighter note than recently, the Italian Christmas stamps have been issued and I have ordered 50 of the non-religious ones, which are also the right price for Europe.

The one I have ordered is this:

Italian Christmas Stamp 2014

The religious one is this one:

Italian Religious Christmas Stamp 2014

I have also purchased, today, a Christmas-cum-birthday present for a very dear friend. It’s tickets to La Scala as once, when she was over, she said she had always wanted to go to La Scala. Having been there once, I knew that the best places were in the stalls and so I have bought 3 tickets (F, my friend and me). It’s not until March of next year but that should be fine. I hope.

For Best Mate, I also have to buy some things but I will do that in the next couple of weeks. One thing has to be done at almost the last minute.

And, apart from the present we have bought together, for each other, and the Kickstarter thing that I am hopeful will come before F’s birthday, at least, that will be it this year.

And I’ll let you into a little secret. I told someone about the possibility that F will go down and I will stay here for Christmas and they made an immediate offer for me to join them at their parents’ house. And, you know what? I’d prefer to stay home, just me with the dogs. After all, it’s not like it will be a fantastic Christmas this year and I quite like the idea of not celebrating it but spending the day, just me and the dogs, going for walks and watching some films. Seems bloody ideal to me. But the offer was very kind. I expect there to be a few more to be honest. And F will have this idea that I shouldn’t be on my own, of course. But it’s fine by me. It’ll be a day to myself and, in spite of myself, my head is already selecting the films that I will watch.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Things – update.

  1. Hi Andy – so glad the Christmas stamps are available. Phew…We are still working on ours…….our shopping is all done – just the food stuff we need for Christmas eve and day –
    Thanksgiving was bountiful and delicious. Dolan was home – I so enjoy being with him. Wondered if you had any thoughts you’d care to share about his book.
    You sound content to be at home with your dogs on Christmas. For real? Are you? k.
    Love Gail,

    • Yes, Gail, given the state of things, I still have mine to do. I have promised myself “this weekend” as, here, we have a holiday on Monday so it’s a long weekend.

      I really liked his book. The stories were great (if, sometimes, more than a little strange :-) ) He certainly has a vivid imagination and can write really well.

      Yes, I would be content. Obviously, I would prefer if F were with me and none of the other stuff was happening but it is happening so there’s no good being unhappy about it. It’s sad enough as it is. And I really don’t want to go down with F and have him worrying about whether I’m OK or not feeling he is able to spend all his time with PaC (which is what he did last weekend and what he will do this weekend – without me being there.) You see what I mean?

      • Hi again – I do understand Andy although it leaves me a bit sad – wishing it were all quite different. Sigh…….

        So glad you enjoyed Dolan’s book – and yes, strange for sure. :-)
        Love to you

        • Me too but, as my Nan always said (and you might have said it too), “These things will pass.”

          Yes, but he has an easy writing style that I liked. Is he writing any more?

          • Hi again – yes, I too have said “….and this too shall pass.
            and I am exited to tell you Random House has reached out to him and asked what he is working on. he sent a couple of samples and they asked for him to finish one that they liked that he is working on – can you imagine? Anyways, it is on the down low for now as he is negotiating and sending chapters as he writes. so far they are very interested. We will see……
            Love to you always

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