4 thoughts on “Lola and Johnny

  1. :D
    Thanks, Andy!!
    OMG, I can’t blame you. Dont’ feel bad!
    You do have a BEAUTIFUL brother in law ;)
    Longer hair? Even better.

    this made me laugh!!

  2. It was just for you, Lola :-D

    But given that I had my ‘crazy’ period 12 months ago (and one that I never thought would happen again), I’m wary that I will become out of control.

    Of course, should Depp be knocking on my door, that may be a different thing! Hahahahaha :-D

  3. :)

    don’t worry Andy, this has -I think- nothing to do with your crazy period. You’ll be just fine. In the meanwhile, since he is NOT my brother in law, you could introduce me to this gorgeous man :D :D

  4. Prego.

    I know but now I know it can happen (and, at my age too), I am wary it will spring upon me when I am not ready for it!

    I could but you are far too young for him, apparently :-D

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