Cry for Help – no Tetley’s tea-bags left!; Missing Christmas Cards; Ecopass (part 3)

Urgent cry for help! I have finished all my Tetley tea-bags (you know, the round ones that come in a blue packet). I still have a few nice ones which are free-trade ones from the Hay Festival – but only about 5. This means I won’t last the week out. Does anyone know how I can get hold of some in Milan? I’m afraid that tea here is far too weak, whereas Tetley round ones do the trick perfectly.

I’ve also found out that not everyone received their Christmas card. There were three cards going to the same address (two were for the two kids). One card arrived a few days before Christmas, one arrived a few days after Christmas and one has yet to arrive. Now, they were all together because I wrote them, one after another and they were posted on the same day in the same post box. How can this be? This is very annoying as it means that there may be other people who don’t think that we sent them a card when we did! And I got the stamps especially. So, if you haven’t got yours yet, read this and you will see that you could get yours any time.. oh, I don’t know,…. before hell freezes over?

I also need to update you about the fabulous (or not) Ecopass and certainly for Alex Fear. I previously mentioned it here and jump the gun a bit. Traffic, by Wednesday, was almost back to normal – except in certain places, where it is definitely quieter. However, overall, it seems it is no quicker to get home than it was before Christmas. As I said in one of the other posts, once the Milanese realise that they can get closer into town, I am expecting it to return completely to how it was before. I also saw on the Commune (Milan Council) site that they are increasing the frequency of certain buses and trams, including ones that we regularly use. This is excellent news. At the weekend, we use public transport, except when our Milanese friends decide to give us a lift in their car.

Anyway, if you want another take on it, by someone who doesn’t use a car and lives as close to the centre as we do, go to Alex’s Blog From Italy.

4 thoughts on “Cry for Help – no Tetley’s tea-bags left!; Missing Christmas Cards; Ecopass (part 3)

  1. Hi,

    Can’t help on the Tetley front, I’m afraid, but I do know where you may be able to get hold of PG Tips teabags in Milan.

    On the subject of the post, first, Italian post has always been a little random. Sometimes it is very fast, others, things never arrive. Second, there was some kind of overtime strike at the Italian post office as I understand it, and this caused a huge backlog of post – is the stuff that was supposed to arrive in Italy – both domestic and international. This may have slowed down delivery times too.

    And as for the Ecopass, well, it’s early days yet. I shall be interested to see how things are going in six months time or so.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Alex,
    Yes, thanks. Someone else can get me PG Tips from somewhere nearby but, for me, they’re just not quite right. I guess they’ll have to do if I can’t find Tetley’s, though.

    Yes, the post thing was odd as they were all posted together but I’ve learnt that you can’t really rely on the post here.

    I agree about the Ecopass. They had to do something, in my mind and, at least, this is a start.

    Cheers Alex.

  3. Well, a colleague of V’s was in England over the weekend so I have some now. Yay! But you’re right Alex, we need a supplier!!! I will await the result of your word…….

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