Alcohol helps my Italian (apparently)

Last night we went to a great house party held by a colleague of V’s.  I did have a little too much red wine but didn’t realise that until I woke up this morning.  Luckily, I don’t, generally, suffer from hangovers so I just felt a little sick.  However, the party was FUN!  And I spoke more Italian than normal and even had some sort of debate with some guy, who’s standing in the upcoming elections here, from some new communist party.  Well, I say debate – he didn’t speak English and, now that I know I was quite tipsy, God knows what I actually said to him.

And then I read a couple of linked blogs.  The first was Harry’s Chase me Ladies from where I saw this:

Wine expert?

The next one was Jack’s Blog where Jack had some novel ideas on how to solve the UK’s binge-drinking culture. So it all fits well with how I’m feeling today.

More drinking and stuff tonight with friends A&F, I expect and, probably tomorrow with friends N&S.

Also I should add that there are times when I look at V and think ‘one of the best looking, sexiest and nicest people on this small planet’ – as I did last night at the party.  I am so grateful we are together.  The only thing is that, the longer we are together, the longer I want us to be together and after nearly 20 years I wish for, at least, another 20!  There’s just so much to do and enjoy together.

4 thoughts on “Alcohol helps my Italian (apparently)

  1. An Englishwoman living in Milan. Interesting. I just met an Englishman living there whose blog sent me here (BlogFromItaly). I have been lurking for a while and here I am, a Roman from Rome, liking Milan, northern Italy (and northen Europe, of course). Pleased to meet you!

    All the best from Rome

    Man of Roma

  2. Hi Man of Roma.

    Nice to see you here.

    Interesting that, from the clues you have picked up (V, writing style, etc.), you have decided I am an Englishwoman! Sorry to burst the bubble but I am, in fact, a man! I hope that does not mean you won’t be lurking here anymore; I’m quite happy to have lurkers here :-).

    Yes, I saw you came from Alex’s blog. A really interesting blog with many facts and opinions. I shall take a trip over to your blog later.

    Have a good day!

  3. Hi Andy,
    the thing is usually here Vanda is considered a woman’s name. No, no, I was lurking not because of sex, ah ah, ah; only because I need variety and an Englishman in Milan fulfills this requirement, in some way. Plus I adore the way you British people use this charming language: simple and elegant.
    Have a good day you too!

    Man of Roma

  4. Ah, yes, Vanda. I do get people looking for Vanda and, I guess, getting very disappointed when they find this site :-). In this case, Vanda is V – and – A, often also mistaken for the famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London (shortened to the V&A).
    Thanks for the nice comments about the way we use English. I try, although, in spite of your comments, I’m not sure I always get there.

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