Who would you have as Prime Minister – Wallace or Buzz Lightyear?

Well, Wallace’s real name is Vetroni.

I was struck the other day, whilst waiting in some traffic and looking at the election posters (one of them above, nicked from Italy is Falling), which are everywhere, that the man looks so much like Wallace (as in Wallace and Gromit) with that inane grin, that every time I see the poster now, all I can think of is Wallace’s voice saying ‘Cheese, Gromit?’.

I mentioned it to some friends over the weekend and they thought it was very funny.

Meanwhile, Berlusconi is now promising that he, and he alone, can save Italy from the marauding hoards of ‘foreigners’ looking to strip Italy of it’s major assets – namely, the proposed take-over of Alitalia by KLM-Air France. Nothing too concrete though. After all, we wouldn’t want a real and definite proposal that anyone would have to stick to, would we?

So, I read this morning, the unions have walked out of joint talks saying that they would prefer to wait until after the elections. I guess they’ll be voting for B(uzz) then?

It looks like the Italians have a choice between Wallace and Buzz Lightyear. Not much of a choice, really.

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