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Well, now. Moving the site was a tad interesting. I had said before that, maybe, at some time, upgrade my version of WordPress and I found that, in fact, as I moved, I had no choice. It did take a little longer than I had hoped but, at least, it finally worked.

However, the fun is not over yet. I use Photopress to control the pictures and I have learnt to my dismay that the only version of Photopress is not actually compatible with the latest version of WordPress. This either means a lot of work to find another suitable vehicle or leave the old ones as they are and the new ones will be using the WordPress upload feature (which is what I’m currently doing).

Then I found that the new version of WordPress didn’t work so well using Internet Explorer (my machine doesn’t have unlimited memory). So I thought I would try Mozilla Firefox since everyone who has it, raves about it.

And it seems to work fine. Pages load faster and it doesn’t hang up so much as IE. Also WordPress works fine. Of course, the last post looked fine using FF but when I got to work this morning (we still use IE) the page was a bit messed up with the large photo of Dino, so I just made it a little smaller and everything is OK now.

So, if sometimes, to you, the page looks a bit screwy, sorry in advance – I’ll fix it when I get to view it on IE.

One other thing is that I can do proper links for videos and stuff, including You Tube, which is great.

The video/song above (since removed as it doesn’t work any more) is one of my favourite at the moment. We first heard it when we went to the Gianna Nannini concert and, I have to be honest, I didn’t rate it that much. But it is played everywhere and gradually I found myself really liking it.

Nice to have seen so many friends visiting since the move. It seems that some of you didn’t know about the old blog. If so, there’s a lot of (mainly boring) stuff to read!

It’s now been two weeks since Dino arrived. He is great and is proving very easy to train. This is a little different than before in that, for the first time, we don’t have a garden, so you can’t just shove them outside. However, he is learning stuff every day. Over the weekend he learnt that toilet is for outside (although he is far too young to be able to wait all the time) and that the bathroom has many good, new toys, so that will another door that is closed off. He is also quite good with the command “wait”. After two or three of these he does exactly that, including sitting down. “No” was learnt within a couple of days. “C’mon” is responded to quite well and “quick, quick, quick” works very well when crossing the road.

As for Rufus, Dino continues to try and play with him but Rufus, at the moment, refuses to do that. However, there are very few growls now and he permits Dino to sit next to him. He’s still not keen on Dino trying to bite him and, with the needles commonly referred to as”teeth”, I can’t say I blame him much.

One thing that is nice is that Dino is a very sociable dog. The fact that Rufus isn’t is not Rufus’ fault. When Rufus was a pup, he didn’t have much chance for socializing and, anyway, Ben wasn’t that good at it. Here, however, we have no choice. For Dino every dog is a new and potentially, best, friend. This is very good, from my point of view. Rufus, on the other hand continues to show almost complete indifference to other dogs, including Dino, when we’re out.

As an update to the post “Gardening in Milan”. I am pleased to tell you that the plants (apart from the couple that Dino got to when he “found” the balcony with it’s new playthings) are doing quite well. Of course, we have been quite lucky with the weather in that we haven’t been having 30 degrees plus, with no shade.

There’s been quite a lot of rain and it’s been quite cloudy although warm. We shall see in the next few weeks when, I very much hope, it will get much warmer and drier.

2 thoughts on “WordPress, Photpress, Videos; Visiting Friends; Dino and Rufus; We still have a garden.

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Alex.

    No, I had to move it, unfortunately. In the process I upgraded using the plugin you mentioned.

    It didn’t all come through quite as expected but I think that’s something to do with moving the database more than upgrading. Still, the plugin did work wonderfully well to upgrade from such an old version.


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