What isn’t said.

So, at the party, V and I talked and laughed and, generally had a nice time.

It was a little like old times. I was my usual sarcastic self and I made him laugh. He was his usual self and made me laugh. I remembered how much fun he was to be with, even if I didn’t feel the need to stay by his side as I had done in the past.

We talked about many things and it was fun. It was like the old days without the horribleness that came in the last few years. But, then, we weren’t going home together, so maybe that was the reason.

I talked about F and told some funny stories. He told me that he had defriended me on FB because he was concerned that I would be upset by his getting married. I said that I wasn’t upset at all and I really wanted him to be happy (which is all true).

But it was afterwards – and I don’t mean after the party, I mean a few days afterwards – when I realised that, whilst I had said some things about F he had, basically, said nothing about B (his partner).

Now, isn’t that a strange thing?

4 thoughts on “What isn’t said.

  1. Hi Andy – hmmmmmmm, not so strange really – I understand the privacy when one thinks (falsely or otherwise) that sharing of their new love to their old love will cause the old love to feel badly or at least odd somehow. What stood out more for me in a really good waywas the ‘natural ease of the conversation between you and V – felt good on this end. :-)
    Love to you

  2. Hi,
    I’m glad everything went well.

    So, if I may ask, is he married now?
    Perhaps you’ve touched upon this issue somewhere … pls bear with me, I’m catching up with your blog.

    • Well, I really don’t know. He said he had ‘defriended’ me because he was worried that I would be upset about him getting married. I have been told (by someone else, obviously) that since they got married, they had split up. But I don’t know and, as I wrote in this post, there wasn’t much said at all.

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