I go to the dentist (and once was enough) – an update from the previous post


S phones her husband – who owns the dental practice where I now go. I can go in at 12.30.

I arrive. I am lucky (?) to have both dentists at my disposal. I explain what has happened and that I think it is infected (abscess). I need some antibiotics.

They take a look. They see that the tooth has a bit broken off. They think this is the cause of the pain. I try to explain that the tooth broke about 2 or 3 months ago and the pain started happening 2 or 3 days ago. In my mind there was no correlation.

They still think it is a result of the break.

The woman dentist injects my gum and, a few minutes later starts the treatment. The cold air hits my painful bit and I almost jump out of the chair. They think this is strange. They decide to inject the roof of my mouth. At first this is OK. After a few seconds it feels like she is sticking the needle into the painful area without any anesthetic.

I attempt to rise from the chair like she is a magician doing that levitation trick. At the same time, I make garbled shrieks. I have never felt this much pain in a dentist’s chair.

She stops but then says she must continue to sort it out. She continues. I scream. She then blows a little, faint stream of cold air into the area. She asks if it hurts and yes, it bloody well does.  I mean, I know I’m a bloke and we’re not so good with pain, but never, never can I remember so much pain.  She might as well have been sticking a needle into an area of my body that was the most sensitive!

They decide that, maybe, there is some small infection. I have a prescription to get some antibiotics.

I go back on Tuesday. The man dentist says it’s OK to take Synflex whilst taking the antibiotics.

This is a good thing as, on the drive back to work, the pain comes back like it was at 3 this morning. I have taken two more tablets. Almost 2 hours later I find the pain is now almost bearable.

I never did like dentists that much. I like S’s husband – but he is not a dentist, only the owner/dental technician. He made my new teeth and on which he did a fantastic job. I still don’t like actual dentists that much.

2 thoughts on “I go to the dentist (and once was enough) – an update from the previous post

  1. I am squirming in my computer chair at the mere thought/memory of your experience. Once I jumped out of the dentist chair because I thought my mouth was actually on fire during part of a root canal when they kinda sand something and it smokes. Can you even imagine me jumping up connected to things and the dentist pulling me back. Good Lord.

    I hate dentists and dentists also have a high rate of suicide,

    Love Gail

  2. Yes, I know what you mean. Of course, looking back it can be quite funny – but it was only yesterday so I haven’t got to that stage yet!
    Yes, I’d heard they have a high rate of suicide. Mind you, as a job, it’s not what I consider to be the best job in the world. For one thing you never really have a proper conversation with your patients and half of them probably hate you anyway!!!

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