The Final Conclusion or The Final Betrayal; Travelling and Quandaries; Not as Gay as I was?


The Final Answer to The Final Question has been confirmed in the affirmative. This has made V very happy despite it being too late in certain respects.

Of course, The Final Answer is not the end of it. There will either be The Final Conclusion or The Final Betrayal. At this stage, obviously, I don’t know which. I have been promised The Final Conclusion but, if you’ve been reading this blog over the last few months, you will have some idea as to my uncertainty regarding things concerning V.

This last few weeks have been somewhat busy at work, hence my lack of posting. And, when I get home, there is, now, less time to sit at the computer and ‘mess around’ than there was.

And, it is almost certain (I shall know on Friday, definitely), I shall be going to the UK for a few days for work. Whilst I am there, I shall stay on a few days to renew my passport. It seems, from the website, that I shall be able to get it all done in 1 day (at extra cost, of course). This is slightly imperative on the basis that I shall only have one day to do it before needing to travel back to Milan! I shall let you know how it goes, for all of you ex-pats.

The alternative was a month to wait whilst it went through the consulate in Rome.

And then there will be Paris in June.

And the reason for writing this is the dogs, for I absolutely MUST do something with them and I cannot take them with me. So what to do? I can put them in kennels of course. Or I could get someone to look after them. Or I could ask V but asking V means that I have to rely on him. It’s a quandary. In addition, the day I come back will be the day that used to be our anniversary. I don’t know that I want to go and pick the dogs up on that day. However, since it is only two weeks before the first trip I do need to do something pretty sharpish.

Finally, as you will have read in an earlier post, it seems I may not be quite as gay as I thought I might be, in spite of using hand cream. And by that I mean that I lost the cream (it fell from my pocket whilst walking to the car) and I didn’t notice for two days!

To be fair, my hands, or rather, the part of my hands that were particularly bad, are much better. But there is still a stubborn area of hard skin. So I bought some new hand cream and have started using it once or twice a day. I’m not sure I can stand any more than that!

But, as soon as they are back to normal I shall stop using the stuff and be back, once more, to being the straight gay guy that I have always been. Hurrah!

9 thoughts on “The Final Conclusion or The Final Betrayal; Travelling and Quandaries; Not as Gay as I was?

  1. Hi Andy-

    Well, the final answer to the l to the mysterious final question……….leading to the final conclusion verses the final betrayal. Still waiting for the question! tap-tap-la-la-la-tap-la la-tap-tap-tap………………… :-)

    I have a sneaking suspicion that there is no right place to be or not be on the anniversary date, so why not solve the dog issue and drop them off bag and baggage for V to care for. Kind of like kids when one or the other parent goes on a trip, ya know?

    It’s all quite bittersweet.

    Travel safely my friend and know there is love across the pond.

  2. Be careful with kennels…also they (particularly the old one) could be very sad in a place like that. That’s also why during summer I have the same problem wiht my dog and cats. Someone has to stay always at home…

  3. I know what you mean, Pietro. Rufus is used to kennels although I’m not sure he has ever really forgiven me for putting him in kennels for about 2 months when we first came to look for a house in Italy, about 5 years ago.
    However, the one I use seems OK. And they would be together, so that is much better. It is true, though, that, given Rufus’ age, I’m not sure how well he will cope now. We shall see. If I take Gail’s advice I won’t need to anyway!

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