A rabbit frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car. What happens next?

I admit it, I have a problem.

My problem is simple. When there are too many things to do and some of them are difficult to do, I enter a state of inaction.

I am here now.

It’s even quite difficult to write this post and I’ve been considering it for about half an hour.

I know the solution. The solution is to start something. But the starting is difficult because all the other things needing my attention are crowding my brain and won’t allow me to think straight on one thing.

I try very hard to put all the other things out of my mind. But they sneak back in, uncalled for, unwanted. And, before i know it, they are clamouring to be first, to be THE one, pushing aside the actual one – the one that I’m doing.

Take tomorrow. I have many things to do (aside from the things that will roll over from today – and trust me, there will be a few of them because each of those are also difficult). Some of the things for tomorrow, must be done in the morning. I can’t leave them because, possibly, next weekend, will be full. And by full I mean some yacht cruise thing on Saturday and then a trip to Udine for Sunday and Monday. Maybe. But I have to assume that F will say “yes” to those invitations. And so, the things that must be done tomorrow morning MUST be done. And then there is the afternoon where I have promised to help someone. And I shall probably have to help that someone on Sunday too. That’s fixed in that they will arrive at my place so I can’t put it off.

And, then there are the roll-over things from today plus the things that I should be doing this weekend as well, such as packing, brushing the dogs, supermarket shopping, laundry, etc., etc. In addition to which, there should be the sorting out of stuff prior to moving.

And the main thing that I’m supposed to be doing today is really difficult because I don’t have the answer and must find it. I’ve already tried several things that I’ve found but with no success which means delving deeper and trying to find different solutions. So, it’s a bugger really.

Not helped by my feeling like a rabbit frozen in front of the headlights of an oncoming car – knowing I must move but being unable to do so.

Add to this that the weather is quite nice now which is making me think of dog walking and beers at caf├ęs and it’s not the recipe for success!

So, having written this, I will now start to try and do one of the many things to do.

Wish me luck!

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