Serge Bodulovic updated

And this was how he looked, more or less……


when he burnt a hole in my sofa, covered it up (or tried to), promised me money he owed me and lied about it and then did a runner owing me the money and leaving his rented room a total tip.

See the full story here.

Now it’s been up on the web for a couple of years, he’s trying to get rid of it! Well, Serge, it’s not going away! It may have gone away if you (and previously, your father) hadn’t been such a prick about it!

In the meantime, he’s started a designer label called “Book Club”.  Let’s hope that he’s a little more grown-up now and a) doesn’t treat people with such disrespect and b) doesn’t expect his father to bail him out.  Who knows?

BTW Serge, I wouldn’t have been posting this if you hadn’t tried to get the whole thing closed down.  Prat.

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