Finally – we’re back!

Hurrah! We’re back. And I say “we” meaning me and a “guest” poster. This will be revealed in the near future (but it isn’t V who, to be frank, shows little interest in the blogging thing).

Anyway, I say we’re back and I mean we’re back but located somewhere else. In fact I have been so very busy since the last post and then, on top of that, had to move the blog completely. This means that I am about a week later than I had hoped but I am so relieved to be back. There have been a few occasions in the last week or so when I have wanted to say something but haven’t been able to because of the move.

As a quick update: Dino is here; The man who joined was NOT the Colonel (I was wrong); V’s new venture thing has started (which means even longer hours at work and will, shortly, mean much longer hours and occasional Sunday working); we are to trial Open Office at work; I miss S, especially so, since she is doing the Festival right now.

2 thoughts on “Finally – we’re back!

  1. Open Office is great. It loads faster than Word and having attempted and failed to use Word 2008 or whatever it’s called, I’d never go back. And do we get to know about V’s new venture? Inquiring (read nosy) minds want to know!

  2. I tried Open Office once but, being ancient (me rather than OO), it was too much hassle to change. However, now that the company is, in effect, paying me to learn it, we’ll give it a good go and see how it works out. Maybe I’ll change my home stuff too?

    I hope to give more details of V’s new venture. I just have to be a bit careful as to what I say. Several people where he works read the blog! I’m sure you understand :-)

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