Something or nothing?

This weekend I was, sort of, half-offered 2 jobs. That’s nice. One of them, unfortunately, I couldn’t take. The other, well, who knows, it’s early days yet.

The first was as copy-editor. I wasn’t offered it but it was said that ‘we need someone exactly like you – but we couldn’t afford you’ which, on hearing the salary, was true. Also it was only a twelve-month contract and I’ve heard about the media world and their practice of giving a twelve-month contract for years (even though the legal limit is 3 years, or something like that). However, it’s a shame because, actually, the job sounds great and would be good for me, getting me out of Engineering, finally.

The second was to be something in a fairly new company. Made by someone who isn’t actually working there but has been invited to be part of the company. So more airy-fairy you couldn’t get. But, who knows? It might have some Project Management stuff in it and might have computer/web stuff in it too. And I do like IT so it might just be perfect.

My thoughts are with V, who is in the UK, visiting family – and my thoughts are with them too. Here’s hoping everything goes OK.

It is a difficult time for us at the moment so the potential of a new and different job is quite appealing. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

And to anyone else having a difficult time, my thoughts are with you (you know who you are). X

3 thoughts on “Something or nothing?

  1. Hi Andy-
    Ya, job changes. Both exciting and exhausting, I think. There is a ‘list’ of the five major stressors, 1-death of loved one, 2- divorce – 3- losing or changing jobs, 4 – moving, and 5 – illness. I think illness might actually be 2nd.
    Hope ‘V’s’ time in the U K has elements of comfort, to cushion the situation(s) involved. And you too Andy, hoping you have moments of comfort and peace too.
    Life is like sailing, sometimes one has to hold on to the mast, and at times it is smooth.

    Love and prayers from across the pond,

  2. My thoughts are with you and V, sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. But the prospect of perhaps having two new jobs to choose from sounds very good. And I know from personal experience how frustrating it is knowing that someone wants to hire you but can’t afford you. I was in that exact position about 7 years ago.

  3. Hi Gail, TSM,
    Thanks for the words. Nothing is definite on the job front and, in Italy, nothing is real until it is definite – it was just nice to be asked really.
    There were some downsides to the job which doesn’t pay enough so, perhaps, it’s just as well.
    As for V, the big day is today – in fact, more or less, as I write this! Fingers and everything else crossed but I’m sure everything will be fine in the end.

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