Thoughts of Porridge; Polenta – why?; Fairy Cakes

For some strange reason, this morning, I had this desire to have porridge. To be more precise, ReadyBrek which, I know, is not porridge.

Maybe it’s because it is cold.

I don’t even remember if it was a thought this morning or part of a dream during the night.

Funnily enough, we had polenta for lunch today. This has the consistency of porridge with none of the taste. More exactly – no taste. As I said to one of my colleagues, after they had asked me if I had ever cooked polenta at home and I had replied ‘no’ – it has no taste at all so why? It’s one of those foods that is there to fill you up, I guess. Anyway, she could not answer.

On the plus side, Gina (the cook) had make some small fairy cakes (plain and chocolate sponge) and she slipped on of those onto my tray. It’s always the right thing to do to get on with the people who provide food!!!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts of Porridge; Polenta – why?; Fairy Cakes

  1. Which “small fairy cakes” of chocolate are you talking about??? Mmmm…I can stop eating almost everything, almost: pizza and chocolate are in the “always eatable” list!

  2. Ah, yes. I forget that you read my blog. Well, I have a special relationship with Gina. Sometimes she gives me things that she has made for me to try. Sometimes, she has no choice but to give them via Carlo – who, then, always makes out that it is he that has persuaded Gina to give me something. Today, however, as I was getting my lunch, she came out with the cake for me to try. It was very good and, to make sure I get the next one, I was careful to thank her and tell her it was delicious before I left the canteen! Although, to be honest, as I have mentioned in previous posts, the food we get in the canteen is far, far superior to the food I have ever had in any other work’s canteen. Not quite restaurant standard but very close.

  3. They are very kind.

    I know. Silvia and I laugh about him and the way that he ‘presents’ the food that Gina sends up as if it is really from him!

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