I am a sex god!

Whoops! Of course, although the title may have got your attention (and, as a result I’ll probably get even more spam comments), I forgot to add a ‘y’!

Yes, the title should have read I am a sexy god ……… apparently. :-)

People have said, in the past, that I have a nice voice. I have been called upon to read things in groups, etc., as a result. When I did my certificate for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), the group asked me to read a poem out loud to the class. Well, to be precise, N asked me to read it but the others agreed. When we were at the Hay Festival, one time, I was asked to read the English translation for an Italian guy.

As an aside, that leads to a story that I used to give to my English classes about pronunciation. Italians find it so hard to pronounce our words correctly. In Italian, apart from the stress (which I find very difficult) and the single and double consonants (where I hear no difference but the Italians do), you pronounce the word according to the way it is spelt. In English, of course, this is not so. Take bough, cough, tough and hiccough as examples. And so, having never seen the text of this passage before, I came across a word, in English that I had never seen before. The word was gelid. If I had thought only in Italian, I would have pronounced it like jellied but I was in the UK and for me it could also have been with a hard ‘g’ as in gelding.

Since I had no way of being able to tell how to pronounce it and no time to look it up, I went with the hard g. When I came back to the audience, Flo, the wife of the man who started the festival, whispered to me how well I had read and said how glad she was that she wasn’t reading it because she would never have known how to pronounce the word and how on earth did I know? I explained that I didn’t. Looking it up afterwards, since I was already teaching English, I found, of course, that it should have been pronounced as jellied – but how does one really know in English?

But, back to the headline story.

I had to ring the garage about my car. The guy only speaks about two words of English and so I had to speak in my (bad) Italian. After I had finished, S, my colleague was laughing. She explained it like this:

‘I’m sorry that I laugh but it’s so strange to hear you speak in Italian. You don’t sound the same. When you speak English you speak very well (sic) – your voice is ….. umm …. sexy. When you speak in Italian it is different and it seems like a child’.

This is not the first time. Apparently I have a sexy voice :-)

OK, but why ‘god’ you may well ask?

Last night we went round to F’s place. I know he has lots of things to do so it is much easier for him and no real bother for me. Anyway, the dogs get their walk and so it’s fine.

It’s now a little chilly but because he had been working round the flat he was warm. Still, as he was closing the windows, the shoes which were out on the balcony, airing, needed to be moved.

‘Is it going to rain?’, he asked.

No, it was not, I assured him.

Yesterday, I was asked by two people in the office about the weather tonight and the weather at the weekend. I feel like a god! Actually, I use a site called Meteo Blue. It is a forecast so not always perfect, particularly more than a day or two in advance and it does change every few hours (if the forecast changes) but it is the most reliable weather forecast site I have found. You select your country and start typing your city – it will list all the possible options. I cannot say what it is like for other countries but for Italy it is pretty damned good.

And so, I am a god (apparently) who has a sexy voice. Not quite the same as being a sex god but you get my drift, yes? (as they say in Italy).

12 thoughts on “I am a sex god!

  1. HI ANDY-”I believe you and I made a 2010 resolution/promise to speak on the phone this year. We only have a few months left so we best get to it :-) Then I will hear what I already know – that your voice is spectacular!!

    Love yo sex(y) God

  2. well I think the “language issue” plays a role.
    Once upon a time I met a Danish… jerk. I can tell you that when he spoke in Danish he sounded REALLY sexy event though I didn’t understand a single word. In English he was ok, in Danish he was a sex god :D

    • Yes, S was right. When I speak in Italian, because I’m not so confident, it must sound like I’m a child – short and sharp. When you speak in your own language there is a difference. I only know you speaking American/Canadian English (which sounds really good although it was a shock at the beginning) – maybe if I heard you having a conversation with someone in Italian you would sound different :-)
      I love the idea that he was a sex god – but only when you didn’t understand him :-D

  3. You got it ;)
    when I understood him, he was just a jerk !
    My Canadian friends say they love my sexy exotic accent. You see? It’s a matter of perspectives…
    ps. next time we’ll speak in Italian… sono curiosa adesso.

    • :-)
      I’m missing the sexy, exotic accent behind the Canadian I hear ;-) Absolutely it is a matter of perspective – and what you expect!
      Yes …… or, maybe not :-D That made me laugh!

  4. I’m sorry about that, Andy.
    I’m aware that the Birtish accent is much better but there’s nothing I can do about it :(
    I sound Italian-Canadian which is not… ideal.

    • No, no! Please don’t misunderstand. The Canadian accent is fine (I just don’t think it’s the accent that the Canadians hear!) and you can’t really say that one accent is better than another. The Italian and French accents, to us Brits, are sexy so I’m sure if I hear you speaking in Italian I will understand immediately what your Canadian friends are saying as I’m sure you don’t speak with a Canadian accent when you speak Italian :-D.

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