Where are you?

So, blogging!  It’s interesting stuff.  To be honest most blogs are rambles by teenagers or people who think they’re teenagers.  Search through the blogs in Blogspot, Journalspace, etc. and most of the information is banal, to say the least.  You might find some like minded people, but mostly you don’t – or maybe I’m looking in the wrong places – or maybe there aren’t any people who think like me (which wouldn’t really surprise me).

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SEO and all that!

I’ve become obsessed by SEO.  No, it’s not anything to do with Milan, Italy, Italians or food.  Its to do with web stuff and stands for Search Engine Optimisation (or Optimization by people who are American or people who don’t realise that the correct spelling in English is with an “s” and not a “z” – you see, having been an English teacher for over a year has, somewhat, coloured my ideas about the English language and spelling, etc.) Continue reading