Never buy a Belkin (well, not if you want good advice, support or, even, anyone that speaks English in a way you can understand)

“There is a lot of fear about switching on encryption”, said Rob Falconer, sales and marketing manager at router manufacturer Belkin, which supplies its wireless devices without encryption.

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A lovely day yesterday, an op tomorrow and the 20th anniversary of the Festival

Well, thanks V, for a really lovely birthday yesterday.  The weather was glorious.  We went to the Navigli and had brunch with some friends and then strolled around the antiques market.  He also bought me some really good presents.

All in all, fantastic and exactly how a birthday should be – perfect.

I am currently thinking about S, who goes to have a knee operation tomorrow.  At least, one hopes, it will be the cure and stop the excruciating pain.

Unfortunately, especially as it’s their 20th year, it looks like we won’t be going to the Hay Festival this year.  And the programme looks good.  A lot of the regular people and, as usual, some interesting names and events.

Ah well, who knows for next year?

Again, this year, there’s the Hay Fringe Festival run by M.  Well done, M.  I hope it goes well for you.

Abandoned clothes!

Imagine, if you will, walking in the park. Stopping and sitting, quietly, on a grass bank. The weather is good, so you take off your shirt and carelessly throw it on the rock behind you. You decide to make yourself more comfortable, so you take off your boots. You realise that you shouldn’t have been wearing your boots in such hot weather, but at least, now, you can relax. You unzip them and put them, side by side, leaving the zips undone. You sit there soaking up the sun.

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A very pleasant Sunday, Chocolate Ice Cream & Rufus – looking pretty

It didn’t quite go as planned on Sunday after all.  We DID go for a walk up Corso Buenos Aires on Sunday afternoon as many of the shops were open. We DID take Rufus, who got lots of admiring looks and lots of ‘che bello’s’ and who was perfectly behaved, as usual.  V got some presents for the birthday of a girl at work because he always seems to be the one responsible for taking the collection money and finding the presents.

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Far-Off Country; Italian/English differences; PdS/Carta d’Identità

Tomorrow I go to a far-off country and continuing the theme of random pictures from Google images, here is one from typing in the title.

Unfortunately, it is business and not pleasure.  Such is life.  I am unlikely to be able to post anything.

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