Drinking milk – a warning

K: Can I drink the rest of this milk, please, Mum? (a small jug of previously warm milk used for Caffe Macchiato).

S: Sure.

V: You shouldn’t drink hot milk that has cooled. It will make you ill.

All (OK, probably just me): What?

V: Drinking milk that was heated and has gone cold makes you ill.

A: Did you make that up?

V: Hmm. Maybe, yes. When I was young.

Dragonflies: Montevecchio

We were up at Montevecchio the other evening (not really a place I would recommend) and walking around the cobbled streets when I saw so many dragonflies doing their acrobatic, helicopter thing above us and over the vines laden with unripe grapes.

Then again, yesterday, in the park with the boys, a load of them in the sun chasing their food.

In Montevecchio, we were with A and F. He actually asked if they bite!

I must say that they have got to be one of my favourite insects.

We found somewhere to eat. Called Il Rustico it was exactly what it said on the tin – rustic. Unfortunately, the food was too.< Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it was more than disappointing and V & I commented, to each other, that, even though people consider Milan to be expensive, we could have had a far better meal in Milan for the price. Even A & F agreed that the food was well below par. Give Montevecchio a miss. Now back to cleaning and general household chores. Oh joy.

Just thought you should know…….

The thermometer on the balcony, in the shade, says it’s currently 38 degrees. Wow, Yes!

I shall be away for a few days next week. Another fabulous trip to the delights of Wolverhampton, via Bristol airport. Oh joy. Guess I will have to dig out some of my winter stuff. :-P

Whilst I am away, given the hours that V is working, I expect the remaining live plants on the balcony will be dead and that Dino’s toilet training will suffer a large setback. By the way, Dino is now almost the same size as Rufus, shoulder to shoulder. Scary, considering he’s only coming up to five months old!

And next week is the final week before our (where I work, that is, not a holiday with V, of course, since that’s what we won’t be having) 2 week holiday. Which also means it’s only 11 days until S is here, with the kids. Yay. Although, notoriously, the weather breaks around the 15th (Ferragosta). I’m just hoping that this year is an exception. I mean we don’t need 38 degrees to be sitting at a café but the high 20s/low 30s and no rain would be good.