Italian Drivers are NOT mad! It’s your perception that’s mad.

Looking at blogs and things on the web, I’ve noticed many people outside Italy don’t really get Italian driving at all.  They all think Italian drivers are mad.  However, there are very clear and distinct rules on the road, here.  In general, it’s very easy.

When driving one must assume that the car in front, behind or to the side of you could, at any moment, choose to do anything they like.  They could pull in front of you.  Stop for no reason.  Accelerate, slow down, turn right, left or do a u-turn.  All without signalling, of course.  They will, probably just move to where they want to go.

What is important is that, whatever the time of day or night you are ready, with your hand poised, to blast your horn with as much vigour as possible, preferably keeping the horn pressed for a minimum of 1 minute, so that they realise you’re there.

Of course, this won’t make them change anything they’re doing, but it gives you a better feeling about it all.  Of course, when youre driving, any idea of following any road signs, traffic light signals, lane markings, etc. is entirely your choice.

Especially, one should completely ignore lane markings as these are for guidance only.  The most preferable thing is to drive along using part of two lanes so as to make sure that no-one can actually pass you.

When turning right, (bearing in mind that we’re all driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road), one should move as far over to the left as is possible, thereby ensuring that you hold up traffic behind you.  Inevitably, the quick thinking people will immediately pass those cars on the right, whilst holding their hand down on the horn.  Even better, of course, is to signal left when you are actually going to turn right.  This ensures the correct amount of confusion for any foreign drivers.

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Italians happy with smoking ban? I don’t think so!

Google blog searches are not really that good.  If you search for a blog by relevance (the default) and then search by date, some blogs that appear in the first are omitted from the second!  Freaky.  So, say you search for ‘milan italy’.  The first search results page shows blog A, updated 15 minutes ago.  Then click on the search by date (which lists them in reverse order (i.e. last updated showing at the top of the page) and sometimes, blog A is not there!  How can that be?
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