John Prosser (1944-2006)

D telephoned yesterday evening to say that John Prosser, his father and a great man, died on Sunday, 23/4.

He was a first-class guy and friend who will be sorely missed.  Of course, I was crap at keeping in touch – but then, we are/were blokes, so what do you expect.

He had suffered with cancer for some time and had been through one bout of chemo, which, sadly, had not done the trick, however, he was due to go onto another course of an experimental kind and, in fact, had started it.  But it was just too strong.

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Wandering Scribe

Caught this on the BBC news site.  Wandering Scribe.  It’s from a lady who has been living in a car for 8 months or so.  She’s jobless, homeless, partner-less, etc.  But not your average homeless person.  Not living in doorways or parks or anything like that.  Got to admire her.  She deserves better, but I guess she’s not the only one.  I’ve always thought “there, but for the grace of God, go I”. Continue reading