Passions for Food

Italians have a passion for food.  But the passion they have is incredible.

On the plus side, most of the food you get here is fresh – made with fresh ingredients (and you can taste it).  In a restaurant, the menu will say if any of the dishes contain frozen food.  Getting a take-away pizza (which we do from time to time, from the restaurant at the back of the flat) means that it is cooked that instant using dough made that day and with produce bought that day.  Everyone here eats pizza from a restaurant.  They have the best (wood or, sometimes, gas fired) pizza ovens and the cost of a pizza – about €6 – €8, sometimes less!  Why cook it yourself?

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The problem with Rufus

Of course, generally there is no problem with Rufus.  He is an exceptionally well-behaved dog and is truly lovable (as we find when he walks the street).  If you’re single, living in Italy and want to meet people – get a Rufus and it will work wonders.

At the moment he is still not Rabies certified, so to speak.  When we were back in the UK last summer, I took him to the vets to get his normal annual vaccinations as it coincides with us being back for Hay.  As you do, I chatted with the vet and discussed the fact that we were taking him back to Italy as we live there now.  The injections were done and the passport (yes, he has one, although there is no photo), was updated.  I never thought to check it as the vets have always been so good.

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New Year’s celebrations

I love Italy.  I love the Italians.  I think I love the Italian way of life, but it’s more complicated than it seems at first, which is to be expected.  I love the culture.  I love the buildings (and, in particular, many buildings in Milan).  I expected much more red-tape, but, so far, I have been pleasantly surprised.

BUT, don’t go thinking that living in Italy is just like living in the UK, but with better food and more red-tape.  It’s not the same at all.  Of course, I’m sure you can go to certain areas (Tuscany, maybe), where there will be enclaves of British folk living their British way of life, but in a beautiful setting and where, should you wish, you need not worry too much about actually living with the Italians.
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