Men are a problem – can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

So, this post may be a little shocking for some of you, in which case, please don’t read it – but this is the ‘gay scene’ and it is, shall we say, lacking in some morals.  I know, this will probably go to confirm that we are all bad people – but, and this is my opinion, if you (that is the general populace) hadn’t made it all illegal for so long, I really believe it wouldn’t be like this………

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The side-effects could be tiring….

There are side-effects to this dating/sex thing which was not entirely expected by me (although, if I had really thought about it, it would have been obvious).

One thing is that the house must be clean for I don’t know who may be coming round at short notice.  I can make the excuse that the house is a mess once or, maybe, twice – but not always.

So, as a result, I now have cleaners coming in tomorrow to fix the place up.  And then they’re (hopefully) going to come in twice a week to keep it that way.  It should be every day but there’s no way I can afford that.  It’s the dogs, you see.  To keep it really clean, the hoover should come out and the floors then mopped, as I did when I was off when we first had Dino.

So that’s one thing.  The other being that I really need to get my act into gear and get some storage .  I cannot have ‘people’ here with the place looking as if I moved in yesterday.  For me, of course, it’s OK but from an outside eye it’s not!

Anyway, next weekend, I’ve agreed with my mate S, we’ll go and get the table (so, at least I can do dinners) and, maybe, we can call in at an IKEA on the way to look at a wardrobe and some other cupboards.  Then I shall speak to my other mate, A, about using his workmen to get it all fixed up and, maybe a bit of painting and so on.

So, suddenly this thing that I thought was all about how I look (as that’s what attracts people first, whatever anyone may say) and then what my character is like (if we get to the point of a meeting) is now about my whole bloody life and everything about the way I live!


In the meantime, I’m getting quite addicted to the online thing.  Real life stuff starts again tomorrow and really gets going next week, probably.

I need more sleep, for certain.

How to say ‘no’ and ‘My mate fancies you!!’

The other night, with Dennis, was, almost, the perfect date.  We met and went for an aperitivo.  We talked.  A friend of his (well work colleague, who was incredibly beautiful – if I were straight…..) came over and chatted for a bit.  It was nice and, unlike last time, didn’t feel so strained.  OK, so he’s a bit camp but likeable.

Then we went for dinner.  The Brick Oven near Porta Venezia.  We both had bacon/cheeseburgers (I haven’t had one for ages) which were not bad.  I had beer – he doesn’t drink.

We talked about relationships.  I said I was really concerned that, should we have a relationship, the smoking would be a big problem for him.  Still, the most important thing was that we talked.

We agreed to meet again.  I teased him about how, I could come back tonight and that could he really wait until Saturday?

He phoned the next morning to say he had thought about it and that I was right, the smoking would become a problem, eventually.

I’m kinda glad and kinda sad in a way.  However, we are to remain friends – and the difference is that he thinks it was his decision, which is fine by me.  Maybe I’ll also get something else from it……we’ll see on Saturday!

I’m finding this new site interesting and, certainly, there are many more available people.  However, it being a site where most people are looking for sex, I thought that the chance of meeting anyone for a more long-term relationship was fairly slim.

However, and it’s early days yet, I’ve met Bruce.  Bruce is very good looking and, it seems, wants similar to me – i.e. someone to love – over and above the sex.  There’s a long way to go from here to something like that but, there’s a chance (again) and each one of these fills me with hope and gives me the certain knowledge that one day, one of these men, will just slot right in as if he was always meant to be.

One of my problems, I have found is that I may be too direct.  Most of the time I just shrug my shoulders as these people seem to do the blah, blah, blah without any substance and, to be honest, that’s not what I want.  Not only am I too direct but, worse than that, I want it NOW.  And I don’t mean the sex bit (although that is always welcome, of course).  What I mean is I want the long-term thing to start immediately.  This may strike of desperation but, I assure you, it’s not.  It’s more to do with the fact that I am impatient and because starting a relationship is so fraught with difficulties and misunderstandings, in addition to the extra stress that a gay relationship seems to impose, that I just want to get that bit over with.  You could say that that bit was all part of getting to know someone and, of course, you would be right.

However, the problem (in the past and so, for me it is the ‘norm’) is that then there are times of not speaking, of saying things one doesn’t really mean, of the slamming of doors and the ‘meaning to hurt’.  And that’s not what I want.

However, I suppose that it is inevitable and that, now, these days, there is less inclination to try and set up a life with someone, everyone having been bitten before, so, therefore, more wary, more circumspect and, from the other side, more suspect.

I’ve never really got into the ‘gay world’ and every time I get close to it is both shocking and intriguing at the same time.  So I was (still am) shocked by the amount of people willing to show you pictures of parts of their body that, they think, you may find appealing (although, sometimes, they are appealing).  I always thought that it was, partly, the element of surprise and imagination that made the whole thing sexier.  It seems not.

On this site, I don’t include a photo of my face.  However, if people ask I will send one.  To me it is quite a good picture (given my age and the fact that a good iron wouldn’t go amiss if applied to my face – that’s been the smoking and the not listening to V when he said I should have been using cream all this time) but I’m not for every one.  So, on sending my pic, if a good response isn’t forthcoming or the usual ‘you’re not my type’ is returned it can be a bit disappointing.  I won’t say gutting as, although it may seem that for a split second, I realise that I do the same.

However, when I get a good response, it makes me very happy.  So I put up with the ‘not so good’ responses for the responses that are good.

And one guy, today, said that, unfortunately, he was looking for someone who looked older, which, in a way, was a compliment.

Still, whichever way you look at it, even if it is a bit like school and going up and saying ‘I really fancy you’ only to get rebuffed with the girl turning to all her mates in fits of giggles, leaving you standing there like some sort of jerk, it isn’t quite like that and it does take some of the nerve-wracking ‘having to actually physically go over and then getting left and everyone seeing’ thing out of it, which, for me, is great. And, in any event, it’s better than getting one of your friends to go over and say (with a London type accent, of course) ‘My mate fancies you……..’

It doesn’t stop that tinge of disappointment though.  Ah well, right now, I seem to have enough on my plate, so maybe I’ll start to take it a bit easier and see who ‘comes’ to me!  (Actually, I have been doing that and I too give the standard ‘sorry, you’re not my type’ when they don’t look as I would like.  Hey, right now, in Milan alone, there’s over 900 guys online and looking to be hooked up in one way or another – so I think I’ll get other chances, don’t you?)

On that optimistic note, I’ll stop; there are men to be found…….

And it continues…..

No. of times out and about today – 1
No. of checkouts/flirts made at me – 2
No. of flirts by me in return – 1

The exhibition was, quite frankly almost nothing – and that nothing was crap.  However, I met with lots of friends and had a really nice time.  Martin was there.  He’s nice enough but he is far too camp for me and tends to ‘paw’, which makes me want to move away from him.  However, he introduced me to Robert.

Robert was really nice, a photographer, with, what he called a magazine but was, in fact, more like a book.  He called it ‘serious and boring’ which I found amusing as it was hardly a big sell on his part.

However, I did recognise he was gay, even if he wasn’t camp – greying hair, pretty, probably mid forties.

I flirted with him and he with me.  It was cool.  Nothing happened but, who knows for the future.  Cool job, cool guy.

Dennis has booked some restaurant for tonight; he is sweet and it’s all very touching – at least this is how the dating thing is supposed to go.  My problem is that I feel, somewhat, guilty about the fact that, on my part, this may be going nowhere.  But let’s see what tonight brings.

Gordon, whom I text to ask if Thursday is still on, suggests that it probably is but that, as it’s Fashion Week (one can tell, if only by the amount of bloody traffic and the difficulty with parking), he can’t be certain.  My heart sinks a bit.  I’m kind of fed up with everyone being ‘something’ in fashion – even though I know that being one of the fashion cities of the world and fashion seemingly having a larger ‘gay population’ than most industries, this is almost inevitable.  Still I text him back to say that good things are always worth waiting for, which he obviously likes – but then being charming I can do, when I want.

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression about this whole thing.  I am seriously looking for the ‘Mr Right’ and I know that only by getting out there will I find him.  This all may seem rather cold to you but this is the way I work and the way that I can focus on it all.  However, I suppose it does seem more like I’m looking for a new apartment rather than looking for a human being.  Still, logic and method is me and I can’t change that.  In fact, for me, this is far better than trying to go to some club and much less haphazard.

Oh, yes, and I keep coming across foot-fetish people.  It seems there are a lot of them about………who would have known? :-)

The difference between the idea and the reality

No. of times out and about today – 1
No. of passes made at me – 1
No. of times ‘checked out’ by some guy – 1 (on the train on the way back)

We meet.  If we meet in a city or area that I don’t know, he will ask me what I would like to do but will have some suggestions.  There had better be food in a nice restaurant on offer (I mean, we should go dutch, of course) as well as, maybe, a visit to some things he has picked out as being noteworthy (a museum, a gallery, even a park!).

OK, so if not at a mealtime, then, a suggestion to stop at a café, maybe grab a beer (or, in the case of Dennis, a coffee) and then do something, even go for a walk.

We talk.  He is interesting, interested in me and we have a lot in common or, at least, he makes me think we have a lot in common.  He indicates (I’m not sure how) that he finds me very attractive but doesn’t push it, both of us exploring the boundaries.  The time passes quickly.

He might suggest dinner at his place but there will be candles, good wine, the food will be expertly cooked but made to look as if it was easy, without effort.  He is accomplished at all things; he puts me at ease immediately.

I want to be wooed; I want to be wined and dined; I want to be seen to be loved; I want it to be romantic or, if we are to be friends then interesting; have something in common; chat easily and freely.

If we are to be more than friends, then, maybe, later, if we both feel the same it may lead to something more……

Then, of course, there are the other sort of dates.  Not ones I know but am aware of.  For those, let’s not waste any time.  He will, of course, be considerably younger than me and have a great body.  That is an absolute must otherwise what’s the point.  But the other type of date will be obvious before we’ve even met.  We will ‘know’ something about what the other wants/is looking for.  Here I still want to be wooed but in a different way; here it’s all about looks and superficiality and that’s fine.

Then, there is, what I can only politely describe as the mix up.  This is where it’s not clear to one side or the other and so, as a result, it makes it awkward and difficult.

Making it more difficult, of course, would be the fact that neither of you were able to speak the other’s language and then there’s that feeling that one of you is out of their depth a little (or a lot) and just wishing to go home.

I meant to take a notebook yesterday but forgot.  The train was not crowded.  About halfway through, Fred phoned.  Could I meet him at the station stop before the one planned (i.e. not in the centre (more or less) of the city?  I knew what this meant and so texted FfI to call me during the day.  Just in case.

I came out of the station and Dennis texted.  We had a text conversation as he was going back to Milan after a weekend away.  We texted about next week and a pizza and so on.  I walked to the car that was waiting – some sporty black little BMW number.  The problem is that cars really don’t impress me that much (although I can say all the right words to make the owner feel good – but a car is just a car, after all – it gets you from A to B in greater or lesser comfort).

I get in.  True, when FfI and I had looked at his profile (with new pictures) the previous night, I did think, wow, I’ve made a mistake here – he looks so much older than the original photos suggested and, as I may have mentioned before, it’s a younger person that I really want.  I know I’ve been spoiled by V but I want someone equally as good.  Now, he looks a little better – in the flesh.  He has no style but, hey, not everyone can be perfect.  I notice his elbows (he’s wearing a T-shirt) – they are the elbows of someone who is 60, not 44 (as he is supposed to be) – but then he looks older than me anyway.

I see we’re not driving to the city but to his town, just outside.  I’m disappointed.  I wanted to go back to the city.  It would have been nice to have the offer so this was not as it should be.

Several times he puts his hand on my leg.  For sure there is no electricity, no spark.  I want to get the next train back but, I made my bed and I should lie in it – actually what I’m thinking is that I need to make it clearer in future and that, anyway, being only my second ‘date’ I should use this as practice both for the date thing and for the Italian as he speaks no English.

We make conversation.  The drive is uneventful (apart from the touching).

We arrive at his flat.  It’s not that nice – OK but not so good.  The style of furniture looks as if it is rented even though he says it isn’t.  There are no books and a lot can be derived from the books on show.  It is a faceless flat; no character; not a home.

He offers me coffee.  We sit in the kitchen to have the coffee.  He gets up and take the cups away and then makes the pass.  I tell him no, that I am looking for friendship and, maybe, that special someone.

He does back off but I am ready for anything to ensure that nothing happens.

We talk.  I keep making the conversation, asking questions, making observations.  I didn’t think my Italian (although dreadful, especially in the conjugation of verbs and the grammar in general) was this good.  Well, I suppose, needs must.

We move back to the lounge.  We talk some more.  Or, rather, I ask more questions, make more observations.

He offers lunch – what we would call stew – with pollenta.  It’s OK.  I say it’s lovely, of course.  We talk about English, the English, the Italians, politics, hobbies, what he does in his spare time, etc.

He is boring.  I mean to say, his life is boring.  I don’t want to be partying all the time and like to put my feet up at home but…..

Again, I think how spoiled I have been spending 20 years with V.  We wanted the same things, both the stay-at-home bit AND the going out and having fun – although latterly, not clubbing for me.

I’m not looking for a V replacement, I know that much, but I want someone that is equally as fun; that will stretch me as much as I would stretch him. Fred is not this nor even close.  I dread to think I would end up with someone like this.

We have another coffee.  We had wine with the meal but he doesn’t know wine.  Nor do I but I want someone who, at least, tries to impress me, just a bit.  There is no effort being made here.  He just thought I would buy a train ticket and come all this way for sex.  He is much mistaken.  As I pointed out above, for this kind of date he would have to look 10 years younger than me (in his case 20 years younger).

I can see that we’re going to be sitting in the house forever.  I suggest we take a walk, by the canal.  He agrees but it’s soon obvious that he never does this.  I suppose that’s the beauty of having dogs – as you have to walk them you find the nicest places to do so.

The town we are in are having their end-of-summer festival.  It is the usual crap with the usual crap stalls and the usual crap local dancers, singers, etc.  I feign interest because that’s what you do.  He’s lived here all his life and never been!  Enough said.

We walk by the canal but he obviously doesn’t know a good route nor are we actually going anywhere.

We turn back and end up back at his house.  The conversation falters now, me exhausted by the lack of interest or interests that this guy has.

He takes me back to the train station – I will catch a much earlier train.  I am grateful to be going and still disappointed that I’m not seeing the beautiful city that is 10 minutes away by train but, at least, I will be back in Milan at a reasonable time.

I think of Dennis and, suddenly, Dennis seems so much nicer – he’s interesting and, more important, interested in me as a person, as a lover, as a friend and as a would-be partner.  I know he’s not right but he’s a million times better than what I have just experienced.

I arrive home and go online on the new site I’ve found.  This is the other type of site for, in the main, even if the people say otherwise, is for the other type of date.  I only put pictures up on Saturday.  I have decided that, after 20 years, I need the practice.  It’s been busy (people viewing my profile, etc. – I am wanted, apparently) but, through this I’ve ‘met’ Gordon. Gordon is about 10 years younger than I am with a great body and is quite beautiful.  We had arranged that we should ‘meet’ later this week.  We shall see; no rush.

Gordon has sent me messages and we spend the next couple of hours chatting.  He is sweet and is wooing me, not for a long-term relationship even if that is on his profile, but for short term satisfaction.  He knows this and I know this.  There is some flirting and that will, with any luck lead to sex and that is fine because we are working within the rules.

I send an email to Norman, who is sweet and is wooing me for either friendship or long-term.  He is going on holiday for this week.  I like him a lot although he is not so beautiful but, then, for a long-term relationship, that is not crucial – we have already both agreed that, when we meet there will either be the electricity between us (mutual) or we shall just be friends.  Either way we will be happy with that.

I go to sleep and dream of Gordon.

And, as if to prove my ineptitude at all this…….

No. of times out and about today – 1
No. of times ‘checked out’ by some guy – 1 (apparently, as I didn’t actually see it)

We go to the Monet exhibition in Pallazo Reale in the centre of Milan, near the Duomo.  It is late and we get there about 9.15 p.m.  There is a queue.  The bossy little lady is not happy about the queue.  She keeps muttering to herself and then calling out (to colleagues or just in general) that it’s almost 9.30 and there are more people and what are those idiots doing downstairs letting these people come up.  We don’t really understand.  It is only later that we realise that, although the exhibition is open until 10.30, the ticket office closes at 9.30.

The lighting was good, which is not something I can say about most of the permanent art galleries here.  However, the rooms are too small, there are too many people and so, it takes me about half an hour to get through, so pissed off am I that people continue to stand in front of me when I’m trying to view a painting.

I go out and sit on some plinth base to have some cigarettes and wait for A&F.  I see two gay guys.  One looks my age but is probably late 30s and the other is a kid – no more than 25 – they are together, the kid is quite camp, the older one less so.  I had noticed the older one being the ‘teacher’ and decide I don’t want that for the future either.  Nor do I want the campness or, quite, the youth of the kid.

The evening is warm (the rain has stopped, finally and the sun was out during the day, making the air warmer in consequence).  I sit in shirtsleeves without a jacket on, although I am carrying one for certain.

The Duomo (cathedral) either has some service on or someone is practising on the organ – the music faint but audible if only the people around would shut up.  But there are quiet moments and I stare at the Piazza Duomo thinking how beautiful this city is and how much is missed by the people who live here; staring up at the (now nearly clean) Duomo, the spires, the elaborate decoration, the wedding cake look, all white/light marble; the entrance to the Galleria, the buildings around.

I had told A&F about the date situation.  A is amazed and says things like ‘It’s like choosing from a supermarket’ or ‘It seems very risky’.  I try to explain that it’s more or less the same as going to the clubs/pubs, that, sure there is a risk (he means in terms of finding someone that you can be with, given that you would know nothing about them, really) but that was no different from the time I met V and that it had lasted 20 years, so it was a risk that I was willing to take.

F wonders why I’m not frightened of meeting these guys.  I can’t really explain to her – she is a woman and, as the song might have gone, it’s different for girls (this being based on my memory that the song was, in fact, about it being different for boys).

Anyway, I digress.  There we are, walking back to the car up Via Vittorio Emmanuelle, and A says to me:

‘I saw you exchange glances’.

‘What?’ I question.

‘You and that guy’

‘Which guy?’  ‘Where is he?’

‘Just passed us.  It was only a moment but I saw him look at you’.

There you go.  I explain that, although it may appear that I am looking and ‘get it’, really I don’t.  Of course, he could have looked for a variety of reasons.  But trust A, of all people, to realise when I didn’t.  This is getting to be incredibly frustrating.  Grrr.

Dennis has texted me and it looks like the pizza meet, next week is still on.  We are to speak/text on Monday.  I see Fred on Sunday, just for the day – and, anyway, Venice is truly a beautiful city.  Nicholas now says he wants to meet up sometime next week (in Milan).  Neil, a guy who lives near Varese, also will want to meet up soon, I guess.  And then there are the others which haven’t got that far.  Neil is from the site where they match your personalities.  Apparently he is about 70% perfect for me.  He seems a really nice guy but, from the pictures I’m not sure it can be other than friends but I have to meet him first.

As I write this, I get called by Dennis for no other reason than he’s buying the new Madonna CD.  He calls me ‘honey’. It leaves me with a funny feeling that I wouldn’t exactly describe as ‘good’.

And, last night I went to see V, who is in hospital.  I didn’t get told until yesterday morning even though he was carted off, in an ambulance, from work, the day before.  It wasn’t an easy meeting, what with his new arm tattoo that looks like it was done by a kid in Nursery school.  Still, it allowed me to rant about an old ex-friend of ours who has turned out to be something of a stupid jerk.

And I go and see him again tonight, if no one else is there.  I can’t be there if there are some of his colleagues from work there.

And now I really have to do some real work…..

Karl Spark

Just to be clear.  The ‘Karl Spark’ as I shall call it is something that I expect.

But, I worry that it won’t happen again.  It happened recently, true, but I’m not so sure it happens so often.  I worry that it will never happen again.  I wonder if I should just take what I can get because, after all, my age is against me.

But I want the Karl Spark.  To me, it’s almost like breathing.  Without that, there seems no point in it all.  Maybe, not everyone gets that?  Maybe, it’s just me that can almost sense the crackle and lightening spark the moment that you touch or are touched by the person.  It send shivers down my spine and sends my brain to mush but it’s a great feeling and for me, in my mind, it bodes well (in general) as it can lead to 20 years worth of fun, laughter and good times.

So, what to do.  Accept what I can get or wait for the Karl Spark again?  Decisions, always bloody decisions.

The other thing is the age thing.  M was older than me.  V, 8 years younger.  I’m afraid, that with very few exceptions, I don’t find older men attractive.  I think I should modify my criteria so that they’re all under 48 (and even that’s pushing it a bit).  The problem is that I also want friends and for that I have no problem with them being a bit older; in fact, I would welcome it.

So, what I need, right now, is someone that is probably around 40 (give or take 5 years), has a great body and personality, is not too fat or too muscular and has the Karl Spark

Perhaps, just perhaps, I’m asking too much?

About Last Night – The Feature-Length Version

Tall.  Dark.  Slim.  Handsome.  In fact, more handsome than the photos.  He was all those things.  Plus witty, funny, stylish.

There you go then!  Search over!


I admit to being nervous about the meeting.  He had phoned a little earlier.  He said I had a nice voice.  ‘That’ll be the smoking for 40 years’, I wanted to say but didn’t.  Nor did I say ‘you have a nice voice too’, because I couldn’t.  His voice sounded a little camp.  Dunno, just something about it.

I put on my favourite pair of jeans, and had to choose between my favourite purple shirt or white T-shirt – it was going to be under the ‘unfinished’ suit jacket – so it was the T-shirt – it looks cooler as an ensemble.  A little gel in my remaining hair; my best aftershave, hardly worn these days, so plenty left; my best pair of shoes, brown, D&G, I think.

I was a couple of minutes later than I had wanted to be but, then again, one wouldn’t want to appear too eager, would one?

He telephoned when I was about a minute away.  ‘Where are you?’, he asked.  ‘I’m just crossing the road and I’ll be there in about 2 minutes’, I reply, a little annoyed that I didn’t get ready just a little earlier.  I take off my glasses – my eyes being my best feature, which my glasses hide (note to self – OK, time for contacts (again!) and new glasses – ones which mean you can see my eyes – I know the type I want).

Blindly, I walk down the street towards the ice-cream shop we had agreed to meet at.  Even without my glasses, I see him and know, instinctively, that it’s him.  Tall (about 6′), dressed, whilst not in a suit, in a smart pair of trousers and jacket.

We discuss where to go.  He needs somewhere where there is coffee or tea as he doesn’t drink.  Hmm.  We go to a café that we both know serves good coffee – the one that Best Mate & I went to several times when she was here last.

The plan was, then, to take a walk in the park.  Except, as we approached the ice-cream shop, on our way, it started to rain again.  He doesn’t like the rain.  As you might know, nor do I, but it wasn’t hard and wouldn’t have stopped me.  Still, as it turned out it was right because a few moments later the heavens opened (and are still open as I write this nearly 24 hours later).

Instead we went to a bar (attached to a hotel) nearby.  I had an Americano, he a fresh pineapple juice.

We talked.  He was nice, friendly, funny, good conversation, sort of.  He was a little more camp than V and had a similar past to V in some ways.  In fact, it was like being with a grown-up version of V, someone who is even more sure of himself (and I really didn’t know that was possible).

I say to him that I think that I may not really be his type.  He assures me that I am.  I wonder: am I saying that because, really, he’s not quite my type?  I mean, he’s nice, handsome, tall and all that.  He’s not, really, what I had in mind though.  It’s the campness that I find difficult to deal with.  Not excessive but enough.

I ask him what is his best feature as it wasn’t given on the site (but I know already what the answer is).  He replies that he couldn’t say as it would make him seem like a whore.  I had guessed right, then.

I have another Americano.  The conversation is not really flowing, at least not enough for me.  We ask each other questions, we give each other answers.  He loves food!  This is good.  The bad side is that it is almost exclusively Italian and, worse, from the area of Italy he is from.  I mean that’s OK but I don’t fancy going through the ‘education’ thing all over again, like I had to with V.  That more or less finished 10 years ago and I can’t bring myself to do it again.

There are moments of silence.  Unfilled silence just empty, devoid of anything.

He tells me he is very determined to get what he wants.  Through the conversation, I get what he wants, I think.  Sure, I am that person except……

Well, except that I think it would become too claustrophobic for me.  He would, probably, be devoted to me, but it would be devotion too far.

More importantly than anything else, I feel no real ‘spark’.  There was a spark, recently, with a guy called Karl.  Unrequited, as it turned out.  The last time before that was with V, requited and 20 years later, I still expect the ‘Karl Spark’ – or maybe I’m fooling myself and I should just take the next best thing?

Then, as we stand chatting at the top of the steps to the Metro (he uses that to get home, I am walking), the quite cute guy from the supermarket walks past, turns round to look at me and says Ciao.  Now, he’s seen me outside many times before but says nothing; doesn’t even look at me but this time, says Hi.  Hmm.  Is that because of who I was with??  And what will happen next time I go to the supermarket, the usual nothing or something else?

The next day, he texts me; I text him. He calls me to hear my voice (I suppose).  Could be the Foot Fetish guy all over again?  Not really but, you know…..

Still, we are to go out again next week, for a pizza.  I certainly need a second ‘look’ before I try.  Let’s see what happens…..

Tonight’s the night!

So, here goes.  Tonight will be my first ‘live meeting’ with someone, whom I shall call Dennis.  Dennis is a few years younger than V and looks quite cute in the photos he has put up.  He speaks English (not brilliantly but serviceable).  He seems quite up for this.

I have a couple of concerns which make me a little hesitant.  He doesn’t smoke or drink, both of which I do in abundance (as you will know) and he likes ‘healthy living’ which, for me, means not having or doing many things that I find enjoyable.

Still, he knows this and still wants to meet me (quite badly, it seems).  Also, as we have been chatting by email, something bad happened in April – I am intrigued as to what that may be but I’m guessing a break-up.  We shall see.

Nicholas, the other guy from the same site, seems more hesitant to meet, which is fine.  We can continue this email stuff for as long as he wants.  His English is not so good but, suddenly, it seemed to improve.  Then he sent an email where he had copied someone in his company (not a blind copy).  So obviously, this other guy is helping him out with his English.  I found it very amusing and have wanted to respond with a ‘Hi to Gianluca’ but fear that it may be taken the wrong way so, so far, I’ve resisted.

Then there is Fred.  Fred and I chatted on the live chat facility for a bit.  He doesn’t really speak English at all and he lives over near Venice.  I mean to say, for the right man obviously distance is not a problem.  Hell, I could always go back to English teaching if I had to move.  He was very keen for me to come over for a weekend but I’m thinking a day, to start with, would be enough.  Luckily, I have Rufus to ‘blame’ for not being able to go over for the weekend as I really don’t want to put him in kennels.  However, I’m thinking, maybe, a day trip to Venice next Sunday would be a nice day out…..

I’ve also had to sign up to a different site – but I’m doing it just for the month as they had a special offer.  This site is a little different in that it tries to match you according to your personality, as taking a personality test is the requirement to sign up in the first pace.

I’m not a great believer in this stuff but, today, one guy ‘released his photos’ to me and, in order for me to see them, I had to sign up.  So I did.  He’s about the same age as V but looks much younger.  Maybe a little camp for me.  Ah well, that’s a long way ahead anyway.

We shall see what tonight brings……………..