Monopoly; Snow; Fat Feet; An Outing At Work!

I won! Since this happens rarely and certainly if V is playing (since he nearly always wins) it was quite something. It was a match arranged by V with some colleagues since one of them, L, was convinced he could take V on and beat him.

But I did like the ‘new’ way of making deals. L started it with the deal he gave to M, letting him complete the ‘dark-blue’ set on condition that he wouldn’t have to pay rent if he landed on them. Then I made a deal with him in a similar vein but also collecting 25% of any profit that he made during the game.

>However, my coup-de-grace was letting V have the final green one in place of a complete one and a half sides of the board! I knew that he wanted the greens so much that he would give anything to get the set.

And it snowed Sunday night, even in the centre of Milan. And it’s been very cold since then. I just HAVE to get another job because they don’t keep the offices warm enough for me. The forecast is for snow and rain from now until next weekend! Enough already! Roll on spring.

In other news: I think my feet have put on weight. It seems to be getting harder to get my socks on.

Also, I found this morning, yesterday someone at work found my blog. I was a bit concerned for a while but then I thought it must be Pietro. Luckily, perhaps, it was. However, whilst I was looking at all the sites they had visited, it did scare me for a while. Anyway, now that he has found it perhaps I should include his blog on my links on the side? Nice to see you Pietro!

This is now winter.

The last two mornings, when taking the dogs out first thing, it is cold. The baseball cap that I have been using will have to be replaced with a ski hat – tomorrow. My walking boots became the norm for dog walking about 2 weeks ago but that was for the rain as much as anything else.

As we’re driving to work this morning, we go for a short while on the motorway that leads from Milan to the Lakes (and Switzerland). The day was bright and sunny and the mountains, in the distance, ahead of us, were snow covered. It is beautiful but I much prefer the heat of summer.

I will have to get out all my nice, thick, warm jumpers this weekend. And gloves. And coats. Brrrr.

Financial stuff and how it may affect you

So, a little bit worried about the financial shenanigans going on right now? A little concerned for your future, your job, your house, etc.?

If so, you should first enter “money as debt” in your search engine and watch the film (about 45 minutes) that you will find.

Then you should go here and check out someone’s idea of the possibilities for the future.

Now, that made you feel better, didn’t it? And, think about it, the bottom link applies in almost the same way to the UK, in my view.

What interesting times we live in.

All stuff ‘stolen’ from Stef’s Blog, Famous for 15 Megapixels

A cunning plan, maybe?

I should be grateful for my life, even if, at times, it does not go so well. After all, there are many people who are worse off. One ‘blog’ friend is ill and I have yet to find the right words (indeed, any words) to express how sorry I am. Another friend is not ill so much as just not quite themselves. If only I lived a little closer.

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Please, don’t go to sleep on the floor whilst flying.

Swiss, formerly Swiss Air, is an airline I like to fly with. As I was in charge of the booking of our trip to Wolverhampton, I chose not only Swiss to fly with but also the Novotel in Wolverhampton to stay at.

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Cheese and Celery and other rambling

V brought back some strong cheddar cheese from when he went back to the UK recently.

We already had celery in the fridge and, the other night, we had cheese and celery and a nice glass of Nero D’Avola. I had forgotten how good cheddar cheese was.

Next week I am back in Wolverhampton for a couple of days. Unfortunately, with three colleagues, so I won’t be able to visit S nor go and see V’s family (although, on that front, everything is not too bad).

However, I will be able to buy some cheese, and bacon, and sausages and, maybe some other stuff, so there is a bright side. My colleagues have a list of stuff that they want to buy. Maybe I can encourage them to go to Primark too!

V has some sort of internal interview early next week. We don’t know what for, exactly but we are hopeful. Apparently, there were jobs that V has been put up for (secretly, of course, Siamo in Italia) but the language was considered a barrier.

Nothing further on my job front but one can always keep one eye open, just in case. Although, it seems, the only way to make some real money is run the business yourself and I consider that a tad difficult in this Bel Paese.