Dino gets me free beer: Eat shit and (hopefully) don’t die!

Yes, I know, most of the posts these days have something about Dino in them. Sorry. I guess it’s like having a new baby.

Last night, when I got home from work, I took Rufus and Dino out for a short walk as it is now incredibly hot here. As I type this (half seven at night) it says, on the thermometer on the balcony, that it is currently 37 degrees. This morning, going to work at 7.30, the temperature was about 29 degrees. I am not complaining but the dogs find it all a bit much. But a short walk was needed so I had to do it.

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Quick post

Very short post just before our customers arrive. I am so busy and with V working the long hours (which should finish soon) I just have no time at the moment not even visiting my favourite blogs!

Wolverhampton was, well, Wolverhampton. Thank goodness, arriving back and stepping off the plane reminded me why I live here. It was about 25 degrees and fabulous.

After a dismal May and June, with rain and temperatures less than the UK sometimes, we are now back to normal. Temperatures in the low 30’s and clear blue skies. Hurrah.

Dino is turning into a great dog. The toilet training is going quite well and he is so sociable and playful with the other dogs in the park. A real pleasure.

He does have the one trick that he always plays. We usually go to the park for an hour or an hour and a half when I return home each night from work. After spending time playing with his many friends at the large dog area, when it comes time to go he’s not so keen. So, he just lies down and has to be enticed to move. Once we’re off the grass he’s pretty much fine but it normally takes me about a quarter of an hour to get him off the grass. Bless.

Dino’s new thing; I hear you have had some nice weather in the UK?

Dino learnt a new “trick” yesterday. After a long walk and playing with various other dogs in the park, he gets a little tired. On our way out of the park it is necessary to coax him with a little tugging of the lead. I can’t (and wouldn’t) just drag him along although sometimes there is a little of that, just to get him on his feet and moving.

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The second week with Dino

Not entirely spent with Dino, since I am back at work.

Day eight (Monday, 26th May):

We get up 15 minutes earlier than usual (6 a.m.) as I know I will need that extra 15 minutes. I worry that 15 minutes are not enough. First, it will be sh!t city in the hallway and will need cleaning up. Secondly, the usual walk will take ages as we shall have to stopping every five minutes. The only thing that may save us is that it’s 6 a.m. And there won’t be that many people around (or dogs) so less to be stopping for.

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WordPress, Photpress, Videos; Visiting Friends; Dino and Rufus; We still have a garden.

Well, now. Moving the site was a tad interesting. I had said before that, maybe, at some time, upgrade my version of WordPress and I found that, in fact, as I moved, I had no choice. It did take a little longer than I had hoped but, at least, it finally worked.

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