Moving day?

He’s flicking through the Mondo Convenienza magazine. Mondo Convenienza is like IKEA but in my mind better.

“I like Mondo Convenienza”, he says. I agree with him.

“If we move in together we can get all our furniture from there”

“But not a sofa. I like my sofa” (It’s actually a three-piece suite).

“But it needs to be covered”, he replies, adding, “and it will cost more than getting a new sofa!”

Of course, he is right but that’s not the point, as I try to explain.

I bought it when V and I started our life together. It was, at the time, a very expensive suite. My idea was that it would last forever – well, all my life. And it is still as good as when it was new – except the covers. It badly needs new covers.

“Well, we can get a new bed and things”, he says, understanding that, on this, I won’t move.

But, of course, the reason I’m telling you this is not because we were talking about a suite or a bed or, even, new furniture – rather that he was talking about if we move in together. And it was more of a serious conversation about it, if you see what I mean.

The time approaches. It may be a few years away yet but that’s OK. I can see it coming and one must take things slowly.

And, the more time we spend together, the more I enjoy our time together. So, roll on the moving day, I say :-D