Sorry, can you say that again, please?

These spam comments just get funnier and more weird!  I am posting the whole comment each time and exactly as it appears (without any links, of course):

i choked on amarble when i was like 4 on my bed while lying down. it was not a normal sized marble. it was big.


im not sure what the exact average shoulder with is but it varies depending on your body frame. Im not sure the names I know there are 3 types of body frames and yes all 3 frames that everyone has 1 of will let your shoulder width get wider if you build muscle.


Do not delete, please: (link removed, obviously)


The best way that worked for me was to do chair push ups for the upper body. And the way chair push ups work is you get three chairs, then you make it where the two of them are the ones your going to put each hand on one. Then the last one is going to be the one you put your feet on. and if you want to make your waste get a work out too, then when you do the chair push ups, put one foot over the other and balance your wait on that. by doing that you will balance your wait and have to keep your waist up and work those muscles. Be sure to breath in and out when your doing the chair push ups! And drink lots of water. :)


Calf Brains – yuck!!


All you need to know is that the poor could only afford bread. All the other foods are all wonderful things that only the rich could afford. Oh, and crepes are not french, they are Canadian.


Ain’t the 1st commenter speaking the real truth or what??


Red and green, take a very small amount of the frosting in a bowl and experiment.


You’ve gotten a lot of good answers about the sugar/water mix, but I thought that I’d add that I have several pots of nasturtiums near my hummingbird feeder, and the nasturtiums get visited just about as often as the feeder does! Nasturtiums are super easy to grow from seed (you pretty much just poke them into the dirt, water, and watch!) and will generally self-seed, meaning you won’t have to plant them again next year. And they’re edible! Amazing things. Anyway, good luck!

Please note that, although many of them seem to be about food, they are being ‘posted’ as comments to old posts and, so, have no relevance to that post.  Just plain weird!

Rude comments …. but, maybe, a hidden agenda?

Why have you taken out my post? It was very useful information and i promise atleast one person found it helpful unlike the rest of the comments on this web site. I’ll post it again.

Whoops, it seems like someone isn’t happy with me treating their comment as spam.  But, really, there’s no need to be rude about my other commentators, is there?

However, the clue, I think comes in the next bit:

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I have removed the link, obviously.

But it seems it must be a very powerful person after all! The comment being made by one Shawna Ellenbogen. Not a name you instantly recognise? Me neither. However, their own blog is given as! So, Shawna owns Yahoo! Wow! Don’t know why she would be needing to make $900 dollars a day as I’m sure, as the owner of Yahoo, she should be making that in a single minute!

Ah, well, I wouldn’t care if she was the Queen of England (sorry Your Majesty *doffs cap and bows*), there’s simply no need to be rude to my other commentators – so into spam it goes ………..

Noble souls and function challenging

I don’t really understand why it is that a lot of spam comments are posted against the post Ristorante Leon D’Oro but here is one that came this morning and made me smile:

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

And another one, for a different post. I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to mean but I like it anyway:

Formula for achievement: Rise early, function challenging, strike oil.