Visiting the UK and Primark (several times).

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been busy, more of which in later posts.

As a tempter for you to return, we have been in Scotland! I have many stories and things to tell you but I forgot to bring my book in which I write things down.

So, the most amazing thing about the UK right now is – Primark! How are their prices possible? The material alone would cost more than the finished price of the goods. I bought a pair of jeans for work for only £6! Absolutely incredible.

We went there nearly every day we were there. We couldn’t get jeans on a market here for less than about €20 so £6 could not be ignored. I have a good (I hope) pair of jeans for work that I am wearing now. Sure, I’m not expecting the quality to be brilliant and, after a few washes, I expect the jeans to look somewhat worn or out of shape. At that point I may throw them away but, by then, they will have served their purpose.

I am assuming that everyone in the UK buys most of their everyday clothing at Primark. Why wouldn’t you?

Five pairs of socks for £2! It’s just not possible. Someone said that the Oxford Street store that they have is selling £1m of goods a day! I guess the profit margin may be tiny but on that kind of turnover, the margin may be small but the amount of actual profit would be huge.

Anyway, that’s all for the moment. Hopefully, there’ll be more tomorrow.