Street Markets in Milan

Actually, this is all down to a colleague.

She wondered if I knew about a “very famous” (her words) street market in Milan. She gave me the address but the piazza name she gave me didn’t exist.

She can be annoying at times.

So I went on the hunt for somewhere which listed the street markets in Milan.

Everyday there is a market somewhere.

Perhaps the most ‘famous’ is Papiniano. This is on a Saturday near the canals (Navigli) and stretches up a couple of long roads. It sells clothes, mainly. Not all street markets are the same. The one near me (on a Tuesday) sells mainly fruit and veg although there are at least a couple of stalls selling the usual street market stuff (clothes, household goods, etc.).

In fact, people looking for somewhere that’s the equivalent of Primark, here, would do quite well to go to the Papiniano market, since we don’t have either a Primark or, as far as I am aware, an equivalent.

But to get a full list of what street markets are where and when could look here. It’s a comprehensive list and shows a map for nearly all of the markets.

For certain, wherever you live there will be a market somewhere, nearby on one of the days in the week.

Update May 2015: It seems the link is currently broken. Here are some alternatives, although the link above was the best a it was easier to “see” the closest market to where you were living or staying.

1. Where the original map came from. Markets are listed by zone (but you need to know which zone you are in) but no other details (other than street name given).
2. Showing some of the “best” markets, ordered by day and linking to a map.
3. All markets and shown on a map. Click on each flag to bring up details of when it’s on. (In Italian, I’m afraid).

There is No Primark in Milan

There. In spite of this being one of the fashion centres of the world and there being many other shops like Zara and H&M and a million and one outlet shops, THERE IS NO PRIMARK IN MILAN.

Really sorry for those of you looking for it from all over Europe but it just isn’t here (unless, of course, it’s such a big secret that nobody knows about!)!

And they ignored my email regarding this.

Update [May 2015]: I have been told that Primark are currently looking for a site in Milan (and also Rome and Venice) to open a shop. From what I read on the Internet, these shops should be open before the end of 2015.

Cheese and Celery and other rambling

V brought back some strong cheddar cheese from when he went back to the UK recently.

We already had celery in the fridge and, the other night, we had cheese and celery and a nice glass of Nero D’Avola. I had forgotten how good cheddar cheese was.

Next week I am back in Wolverhampton for a couple of days. Unfortunately, with three colleagues, so I won’t be able to visit S nor go and see V’s family (although, on that front, everything is not too bad).

However, I will be able to buy some cheese, and bacon, and sausages and, maybe some other stuff, so there is a bright side. My colleagues have a list of stuff that they want to buy. Maybe I can encourage them to go to Primark too!

V has some sort of internal interview early next week. We don’t know what for, exactly but we are hopeful. Apparently, there were jobs that V has been put up for (secretly, of course, Siamo in Italia) but the language was considered a barrier.

Nothing further on my job front but one can always keep one eye open, just in case. Although, it seems, the only way to make some real money is run the business yourself and I consider that a tad difficult in this Bel Paese.

Visiting the UK and Primark (several times).

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been busy, more of which in later posts.

As a tempter for you to return, we have been in Scotland! I have many stories and things to tell you but I forgot to bring my book in which I write things down.

So, the most amazing thing about the UK right now is – Primark! How are their prices possible? The material alone would cost more than the finished price of the goods. I bought a pair of jeans for work for only £6! Absolutely incredible.

We went there nearly every day we were there. We couldn’t get jeans on a market here for less than about €20 so £6 could not be ignored. I have a good (I hope) pair of jeans for work that I am wearing now. Sure, I’m not expecting the quality to be brilliant and, after a few washes, I expect the jeans to look somewhat worn or out of shape. At that point I may throw them away but, by then, they will have served their purpose.

I am assuming that everyone in the UK buys most of their everyday clothing at Primark. Why wouldn’t you?

Five pairs of socks for £2! It’s just not possible. Someone said that the Oxford Street store that they have is selling £1m of goods a day! I guess the profit margin may be tiny but on that kind of turnover, the margin may be small but the amount of actual profit would be huge.

Anyway, that’s all for the moment. Hopefully, there’ll be more tomorrow.