Rufus goes on holiday


There with his little bag packed.  Will he miss us, do you think?

Actually, the bag was a plastic carrier bag from Unes.  Filled with the food bowl, the water bowl (actually a plastic sandwich box – to give that to Dino would mean that it would be chewed, I think) and enough food for a week.

The idea was, because of the heat and the fact that, when it was really hot, he did suffer a bit, he would go for a few days to N’s, who is on her own right now and has a portable air-conditioning unit, so that he would, perhaps, be more comfortable – and to give him a few days break from Dino.

Although, maybe, also, to give N some company and so she would go walking in the park, etc., etc.  Not sure who it’s for really.  As the weather has broken, maybe more for N than Rufus?

As it would be too difficult to leave Dino in the house whilst taking Rufus over, I take them both.  Dino now happy to go in the car.  Dino is a ‘licker’, licking everything – it’s like we would shake hands or give a kiss – he has to taste everything.  I’m not sure how I get him out of that habit as not everyone likes it.  I’ve never had this so much with dogs before.  Hmm.

Anyway, we get over to the flat.  Dino, as a puppy, wants to go everywhere, Rufus just lies down and goes to sleep, as normal.

We have pizza and then go and meet some ex-pats who are trying to sort out their move to Italy, for an ice-cream, taking the boys with us.

Dino and I leave Rufus in his new, temporary home.  Rufus won’t miss us at all.  I was intrigued as to how Dino would be without Rufus.  We arrive back and he is the same as always except, perhaps, a little quieter, which is no bad thing.  It doesn’t seem to bother him though.  It was certainly quicker doing the walk this morning.

Soon, given Rufus’ age, this is how it will be.  Then I will have to make more of an effort to ensure we go walking when and where other dogs are about as, normally, at the times I take them out, we rarely see any and Dino will need some ‘dog stimulation’ for certain.

I’m sure N and Rufus will have a great time.