Fetishes and sex.

My plan was that I was going to document my testing of the online dating thing. This was all well and good but that was based on the fact that I wasn’t looking for ‘just sex’.

However, last night, after several emails and a phone call, ‘just sex’ might be on the cards – this, rather cute, guy has a particular fetish which, although I am aware of it, I have never seen ‘in action’ so to speak. It was irresistible and so, unless he just prefers thinking about it in his head (which may be possible and I am also aware that does happen – a promise of something that ends up being just a tease), we are due to meet tonight.

I don’t understand it nor would it turn me on in any way – but if it turns him on then, this, I just have to see for myself.

Now, this, I really can’t blog about here and so, I’m thinking of starting another blog just for this purpose. What d’yall think? >Answers on a postcard (or in the comments section).

I promise that, when it involves lurve I shall post here as that’s about romance and learning about one another in many ways.