Elton John is Gay!

Apparently, Elton John is gay!

He has, apparently denied it. In fact he goes further. He gets married and, unfortunately, can’t have children. Or, maybe, his wife can’t. It’s a great shame.

He shared a room with another man and has put himself in a difficult situation since he had put this other man on the staff.

Obviously, someone who is so rich and, anyway, because of his job, should have had separate rooms, chose, instead, to sleep in the same room as another man.

Only someone told on him.

He didn’t do it just the once either.

It’s disgusting, that’s what I think. And to prove everything, here’s a picture :

William Hague or Elton John with obvious gay lover

Whoops! Sorry, I meant William Hague, not Elton John.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I always thought he was gay. It doesn’t make him a good person, you know? His voice is irritating for one thing. If I get to meet him in a gay bar in Milan, I can assure you that if he tries to chat me up I shall immediately rebuff him. His voice is THAT irritating. Anyway, I have F.

Is it Elton or William? Anyway, in either case all applies. When William ‘comes out’ in a few years, there will be some people who said ‘I told you so’.