Telecom Italia – giving a response, as usual. Or should that be – giving the usual response?

Yes, I’m fairly certain it was because my phone got wet in the rain last night. Now it’s dried out it seems fine.

And, so, I was able to call Telecom Italia about the lack of ADSL.

And yes, there is a problem centrally, somewhere. Of course, they’re going to send an engineer to fix it. And when will that be?

Well, Monday, of course.

Telecom Italia – a complete load of crap.


It’s raining.  And I don’t mean a bit of a shower, I mean really raining :-(  It’s been raining since last night and is forecast to continue like this until about lunchtime.  Last night we went to Baia Chia with Al&R, which was lovely and then, because F is working today, I picked up the dogs and we went over to his place.

Going to his place takes five minutes.  By the time I got there, we were all soaked, the rain was that hard.

This morning, it was still raining but not as hard.  However, by the time we got back home (we went on a longer walk), it was raining hard and we were soaked.

Now, as I sit here and type this, it is raining much as it was last night.  The French windows are open in the lounge and it is, shall we say, cool.  I can hardly wait for March when, one hopes, unlike this year, it will be much warmer.

Now, I am typing this even if my Alice ADSL is not working.  I’m using someone’s unprotected wireless connection.  It’s slower but, at least, I am connected.  This is the second time in two days that the ADSL hasn’t been working.  It’s because it’s raining.  Next year, about March/April, I will change provider.  I want Wind/IUNet and I really hope they are in this building.  The link I am using now is IUNet and, as usual, it doesn’t seem affected by the weather.  Alice (which is really Telecom Italia) are, quite frankly, shit.

One of the things this will affect is my ability to restore my blog back to its former glory.  I may have a go later – or I may take this opportunity to change the whole thing.  I will have a look at the themes available.  This one is quite nice, but I would like something a bit different and this is the standard one that comes with WordPress. And it had photos of Milan at the top. I would quite like to have them back.

Oh yes, and my telephone is not working properly. I think it got water in it last night and now some of the keys don’t work properly :-( I’m trying to ‘dry it out’ (except the heating doesn’t get turned on until next month) but if not it means a trip to the shop this afternoon which is just hassle and which I would really like to avoid. We shall see. I am crossing my fingers.

And I’ve got a spot coming on my nose :-( (although that may have nothing to do with the rain)

Nope, don’t like this weather or this time of year, really. Summer and heat and no rain seems so far away now and yet it was only a few weeks!