What one does

It seems that many people want to come to the dinner.  It’s like F is in a zoo or something!  I suppose it’s understandable.  It’s been almost a month and, so far, only A has met him.  However, it seemed a bit freaky that so many people wanted to come.

It scares me a little in that, I do love him (there, I said it, finally, to you) but I don’t want him to become, like, something exotic for others to stare at, if you see what I mean.

A said ‘you seem very easy with him’.  I’m not sure what that meant exactly.  Perhaps it meant you seem very at ease with him.  Which would be true.  It’s not ‘difficult’ but cool and very laid back.

Last night, the intention was to have an early night.  And I nearly did that – except that, when I got to bed it was cold and there was no one to snuggle up to and keep me warm.  I heard, on the radio, this morning, that it will be 0° tonight.  Brrr!  And I also found that, probably, the radiators (or some of them) are turned off so I need to fix that tomorrow.  And, I’ve been thinking of getting at least one portable heater.  I just can’t do the cold!

We spoke on the phone a couple of times.  He was so tired and it does make me feel a bit guilty – but, he has to be aware that I get up early and, as a consequence, need to go to bed earlier – although the night before was, to be fair, mostly my fault.

So, I got in bed and it was cold.  And I missed him.  And then I just kept thinking about him.  Worrying (as that seems to be my normal state of mind and is soooo annoying) that tonight would be difficult for him, even though he is well able to take care of himself.  He had said on the phone that I could go over.  He even offered to come over to mine!  That is really something as I know that would have been a great effort for him.  I told him to stay there, in the warm and get some good sleep.  Wow!  I can’t believe I said that!  That’s about the most sensible thing I’ve done since the start of my crazy period in April/May!

Of course, I really did want to see him, want to hold him, want to be with him but I had already decided, during the day, that I would not – and I was determined to stick to it.

But the offer from him to come over was really something.  It’s not like we live far away from each other but it’s still 10 minutes by taxi.

He wanted me to give a big kiss to Rufus after I explained that, unfortunately, I got in last night to find that Rufus had not been well.  I am surprised how fast he seems to be deteriorating and a little sad but that is the deal if you have dogs!  I am reminded of how wonderful a dog he has been.  You can actually leave open chocolates or biscuits on a table (or, within reach) and he won’t touch them!

I suppose I should tell V about it but I don’t want to tell him too early – and, right now it seems too early.

F wanted to give a smaller kiss to Dino – who, although a bit calmer now with F, is still maniacal! I hope he stops soon although, to be honest, F was playing with him for a while.

I like that he likes my dogs, obviously!  I like that he is comfortable to come and stay at the flat even if, the night before last, he did put the ashtray from the kitchen, outside on the windowsill – which is his thing!  It makes me smile.  I note that, already, I have started to change some things to accommodate him better.  They’re not a big deal for me but not things I would normally do.  I know he will do the same.

It’s what one does.