More on Facebook Friending

Today, someone to whom I had made a ‘Friend Request’ on Facebook, accepted. For those of you who know Facebook, this may not seem surprising. However, the ‘Friend Request’ has been sitting in her inbox for about 6 months.

My first thought was: Why now? I know it’s not the first time in the last six months that she has been on Facebook (her ‘feed’ showing up on my home page). Why did it take her six months to decide to accept it since it is only the click of one button to accept or ignore?

I mean to say, I’ve done the same – but only for people who’ve tried to ‘make friends’ when I don’t know who they are!  Usually it’s friends of ‘friends-who-play-games’ and I think it’s only polite if you do some sort of introduction with the request – like: ‘I play Farmville and would be really pleased if you could be my friend and neighbour’ – or, something like that!

It seems strange but I don’t want to ask why.  It seems impertinent, somehow.

Serge Bodulovic updated

And this was how he looked, more or less……


when he burnt a hole in my sofa, covered it up (or tried to), promised me money he owed me and lied about it and then did a runner owing me the money and leaving his rented room a total tip.

See the full story here.

Now it’s been up on the web for a couple of years, he’s trying to get rid of it! Well, Serge, it’s not going away! It may have gone away if you (and previously, your father) hadn’t been such a prick about it!

In the meantime, he’s started a designer label called “Book Club”.  Let’s hope that he’s a little more grown-up now and a) doesn’t treat people with such disrespect and b) doesn’t expect his father to bail him out.  Who knows?

BTW Serge, I wouldn’t have been posting this if you hadn’t tried to get the whole thing closed down.  Prat.